ENVIO GRATIS A Nivel Nacional en Compras Mayores a $60 e Internacional en Compras Mayores a $150
ENVIO GRATIS A Nivel Nacional en Compras Mayores a $60 e Internacional en Compras Mayores a $150
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About our Brands


Maya Montero Toronto is a Canadian fashion design house for atelier young girls and women clothing that embodies a sophisticated style of its designer where the little girls can find the perfect outfit that has it all, from playful prints, classy designs and delicate colors to a dash of incandescent charm. The first collection launched in 2018 that includes ready-to-wear for girls. The company will be launching the women ready-to-wear collection in the Spring Summer 19



We always make trade-offs when we buy girls dresses, either we buy expensive designer dresses made of expensive material for special occasions that we don’t want the kids running around in or playing outside while wearing or we buy them low cost clothing which usually isn’t pretty enough to wear to special occasions.
At Maya Montero - Toronto we don't like those choices, so we provide designer dresses for women and their little angels, made from the finest materials, with the newest design trends for an affordable price for every family budget

Each of our designs have been carefully design and inspired with unique art and details. Our team has successfully create a master piece on each of the designs, offering a quality and designer style product with a guarantee fit, classy, one of a kind and elegant style.


It all started back in 1995 when a brother and sister had that entrepreneur mind set since they were kids, Frank had a great talent for drawing and she had the passion for designing her own dresses, she used his drawings to inspire her dress designs that were chic and unique; together they dreamed to create their own brand one day.

Years later after both finished their university degrees, both were planning to create their fashion brand, the idea came alive again after they would go shopping for Frank’s daughters dresses since she was a baby. Frank's sister was looking for classy dresses at an affordable price to teach her niece to dress chic. They had great difficulty finding the perfect dress designs made with the perfect material for a reasonable price, she either found that the dresses were made with high quality but not reasonably priced or the dresses were not chic or classy and made of poor quality but affordable.

While both were working on the launch of their project Frank was unexpectedly passed away.

In Frank’s loving memory and in honor of her brother’s greatest love, Frank's sister and her husband decided to continue with the project and named the fashion house with his 3-year-old daughter’s name. In 2017, “ Maya Montero “ was established in Toronto, Canada with a team of creative and passionate fashion professionals with years of experience in the industry.